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Wienhoff Drug Testing is proud to be an authorized dealer of Lifeloc Technologies evidential breath testing equipment and to employ three Lifeloc Master Trainers. We operate a renowned training program for Breath Alcohol Technicians and are widely regarded as experts in the breath-testing field.

We are proud to offer alcohol testing using the finest equipment available by the highly-trained Breath Alcohol Technicians.

Lifeloc Technologies, Inc. is a trusted international provider of precise, reliable, and easy to use portable breath alcohol testing instruments (breathalyzers). Lifeloc’s alcohol testing devices have been manufactured continuously in Colorado since its founding in 1983. All Lifeloc evidential and screening devices for professional use are approved by the U.S. DOT and many other state and international regulatory agencies.

Wienhoff Drug Testing employs three factory-authorized Lifeloc Master Trainers, which allows us to provide the required training in the use of Lifeloc products. Contact us for more information (FAQs).

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