On average, a drug/alcohol abuser costs his employer $9,000 to $21,000 per year, and the human costs in accident and loss of life are incalculable.

Wienhoff Drug Testing understands that time is money. We have developed a simple, quick process for enrolling companies in our programs. One phone call is all we need to start. We will ask some questions and tailor a program for your company, and in most cases, you are ready to initiate your program on the same day you call.

If not, we can customize a drug policy designed for your industry and help you set up your program. We will also offer you a quick review of your current policy and may make recommendations based on current industry standards and practice. Wienhoff Drug Testing always recommends that you consult your attorney to finalize any policy changes.

  • Do you list the laboratory testing cut-off levels for each drug you are testing for?
  • Do you list the prohibited level of alcohol?
  • Do you require employees to report the name of medications they are taking to the company?
  • Do you list the methodology of confirming a test as positive?
  • Do you specify what behavior constitutes a “refusal to test” (adulteration, tampering)?
  • Do you specify the specific reasons under which a test will be required (Pre-employment, Reasonable Suspicion, Post-Accident)?
  • Do you clearly articulate the consequences of testing “non-negative”?
  • Do you specify if a “last-chance” agreement may be offered?
  • Do you list the methodology for testing for drugs and alcohol?

Some companies limit testing to pre-employment and reasonable suspicion, while others also conduct post-accident and random testing. If a company offers a second chance program, follow-up and return-to-duty testing are also needed. Whatever you wish, we can customize a program to fit your company’s budget and needs.

Program options include, though are not limited to:

  • DOT-regulated testing, non-DOT testing or both
  • Lab screening or instant screening (five-minute negative results)
  • Medical Review Officer services–Medical Doctor reviewed lab-positives to protect you from legal liability.
  • On-site, mobile collections or clinic-based collections at one of our hundreds of sub-contracted collection facilities throughout the nation
  • Testing panels ranging from three-drug to 12-drug
  • Supervisor and Employee Education Classes

Do they understand federal confidentiality regulations and DOT requirements for Designated Employer Representatives? If not, we offer comprehensive training programs and ongoing, no-charge consulting for all our clients.