Wienhoff Drug Testing is a national company that was founded in Boise, Idaho in 1988 and is owned by Colleen Wienhoff, a nationally recognized expert in drug testing with over 31 years in the industry. Our dedicated staff of friendly professionals is always eager to help our clients.

Of primary focus to us is DOT compliance. Our knowledge of and strict adherence to DOT standards in administering testing programs has situated us as industry leaders and experts.

With over 3000 client companies, Wienhoff Drug Testing is Idaho’s most trusted drug testing program administrator. Our clients include large and small municipalities, County, State and Federal agencies and private companies from all industries.

We are a group company, with an additional office in Salem, Oregon (Bio-Med Drug Testing Services, Inc.).

Colleen Wienhoff - owner of Wienhoff Drug Testing (Boise), Bio-Med Testing Services, Inc. (Salem), and DNA & Drug Screening Services (San Jose)

Colleen Wienhoff – owner of Wienhoff Drug Testing (Idaho) and Bio-Med Testing Services, Inc. (Salem, OR)

Colleen Wienhoff – Owner of Wienhoff Drug Testing

“We can get the education to the people, but if they do not want to accept it, that is their choice.”
– Colleen Wienhoff – Owner

Colleen is compliance-driven, knowledgeable and has a deep desire to help clients avoid problems caused by drug and alcohol abuse. Colleen is well educated in her field:

  • Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) Master Trainer
  • Certified Professional Collector (CPC)
  • CPR – First Aid Instructor Trainer
  • Designated Employer Representative (DER) Trainer
  • Expert Witness for the court system

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Mike Kislia - Operations Manager at Wienhoff Drug Testing in Boise, Idaho

Mike Kislia – Operations Manager at Wienhoff Drug Testing, based in the Meridian, Idaho office

Mike Kislia – Operations Manager at Wienhoff Drug Testing in Idaho

“Your actions speak for themselves. You are not going to have a bad reputation unless you promote bad actions. You protect your reputation by putting forth your best effort, by keeping your clients compliant, and by responding to your clients’ needs. Your reputation is important because that is all you have, that is who you are.”
– Mike Kislia – Operations Manager