Mike Kislia - Operations Manager at Wienhoff Drug Testing in Boise, Idaho

Mike Kislia – Operations Manager at Wienhoff Drug Testing in Boise, Idaho

“I believe the primary purpose of drug testing is safety,” according to Mike Kislia. “Safety is key in anyone’s business.” Numerous studies demonstrate that increased drug and alcohol use in a business coincide with increased work hazards. If a business does not do drug testing, the following negative impacts can result:

  • increased sick days
  • decreased productivity
  • company theft
  • fines
  • litigation
  • wrongful death lawsuits
  • huge costs


Certain businesses are required by law to do drug testing for their employees and if they fail to do so, a series of fines and other consequences result. “Some companies only do drug testing because they have to,” Mike explained, “but wise company leadership will see the value in protecting people and minimizing costs, gladly embracing a drug testing program.”

Wienhoff Drug Testing, like its sister company, Bio-Med Testing Services, Inc. in Salem, is a third-party administrator. A TPA is the intermediary for results and recordkeeping. While

a collection site simply collects a sample and sends it to the lab, a TPA forwards the results to the client and keeps records for all results, especially helpful for businesses that need statistical data for DOT compliance. A TPA runs reports such as the semiannual summary of all the testing, including positive rates, random tests, etc., of each consortium to which the company may belong. “We find that a lot of companies do not have very good recordkeeping,” Mike said, “so we bring them back into compliance and prepare them for the next audit.”

“Some drug testing companies sign up new clients but offer little support,” Mike states. “Their clients are at a loss when there are compliance issues in a DOT situation or find themselves with non-effective results in a non-DOT program. Wienhoff Drug Testing, on the other hand, has become a standard for providing effective drug testing programs.”

Mike started at Wienhoff Drug Testing as an on-site collector in 2009, soon becoming a supervisor, then Operations Manager. “I enjoy working with a business that has problems and helping them straighten out their drug testing program.” He says it is very rewarding to hear feedback like:

  • ‘Since we’ve been with you we were audited again and there were no marks against us this time.’
  • ‘Our cost is down by such and such a percent.’
  • ‘We felt out of control before, regarding drug testing, but now we feel we know what we are doing.’


Mike describes himself as a dedicated hard worker who doesn’t stop until the job is done. “I have to do my best and my clients benefit from that. I need to go home every night knowing that I gave it my all so I can feel good about the work I did.”

Mike completed continuing education to obtain the following:

  • Certified Professional Collector Trainer (CPCT)
  • Breath Alcohol Technician Trainer
  • Lifeloc ‘Train the Trainer’ certificate (Lifeloc makes breath alcohol machines)
  • CPR – First Aid instructor
  • Blood-borne Pathogens instructor


One of Mike’s goals is to know the drug testing field well enough that owner Colleen Wienhoff will be able to take some well-deserved time off. His desire to become proficient at business management fits hand-in-hand with this goal.

Mike’s duties include management, hiring and firing, and support for the entire staff. He often fills in for staff if they get behind in an area. He occasionally fills in for their on-site collector, a job that requires an organized mindset.

According to Mike, the drug testing industry has been somewhat behind the times regarding use of the internet, but has recently started to become web-based. A few labs have developed online services, but the government has been slow to authorize more widespread use. DOT has recently approved electronic paperwork and the industry is awaiting permission to implement electronic procedures. “We are looking forward to getting iPads in the hands of all our collectors,” Mike stated, “so our work can be paperless by using the latest technology.”

Wienhoff Drug Testing provides a professional, yet friendly, atmosphere. “There are things we have to say and compliance guidelines we have to follow,” Mike explained, “but we don’t want the process to be so clinical that people feel intimidated when they come in to give a sample. We stick to the required guidelines, but treat our clients in a friendly manner so they feel comfortable when they come here.”

Timeliness is very important regarding everything done at Wienhoff Drug Testing. Employers are often waiting to put people to work based on results of tests Wienhoff is running.

In situations like post-accident or reasonable suspicion cases, employees may be on paid leave until test results come back. Wienhoff can get those results to the employer’s quickly, to minimize paid leave.

If an employer contracts services from a TPA that promises more than they can deliver, the employer’s entire business could be at risk. If they fail a DOT audit, the DOT can shut the business down until it becomes compliant. “We picked up a new client last week,” Mike explained, “that was so out of compliance that the DOT shut them down for 30 days. They immediately researched options and found us. We dug into their records and found the other drug testing company had let them get really out of compliance. We did a lot of work but got them back into compliance.” A business might risk as little as a small amount of money or as much as their entire business by not doing drug testing right.

Mike says Wienhoff’s “ideal client” is one who follows their recommendations. “Our main focus is compliance, but we can only keep the company in compliance when they do what we tell them to do. If they don’t file the information throughout the year like we ask them to, at audit time they call us in a panic. We gladly provide the information they need, although they already received it from us throughout the year. That’s what we’re here for – to always help our clients when the need arises.”

A new business client at Wienhoff receives a welcome packet containing all the forms that will be used throughout the next year. This includes statistical data and notifications, with instructions of what they need to do with it. The information eliminates surprises and lets the client know what to expect all year long. Mike is always available to answer any questions personally.