Prescription Drug Abuse

Are you concerned about how to address prescription drug abuse in the workplace and home? The abuse of prescription drugs (psychotherapeutics) is growing at epidemic proportions in the US.

Manufacturers produce enough hydrocodone and oxycodone per year in this county to supply every citizen with 24 tabs of hydrocodone and 40 tabs of oxycodone.

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Key Trusted Partner

We have used Wienhoff Drug Testing for over 20 years. Their service is exceptional, and they always go above and beyond what is required. They assist us with the federal regulations as well as all our training. I would recommend them to everyone that needs a drug free workplace.” – 24-Year Client, Transportation Industry

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Mobile Collection Service

Our mobile service is designed to save you money and non-revenue down time. Bio-Med Testing Service mobile collection/testing services are professional, accurate and legally defensible.

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Onsite Specimen Collections

Wienhoff Drug Testing brings the collection site to the employer with on-call / on-site urine specimen collection services. Our onsite service is designed to save you money and employee down time. Wienhoff Drug Testing’s collection services are professional, secure and convenient.

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Why Test Your Employees?

Simply stated, if you aren’t testing your employees, you’re probably losing money, lowering moral and compromising an environmentally safe workplace. Estimates are that a single drug using employee costs his employer between $9,000 and $21,000 per year. The cost to enroll one employee in a random testing program in our system is less than $100 per year.*

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Why Wienhoff Drug Testing?

With over 20 years experience and over 3000 client companies including government agencies and private enterprises large and small, Wienhoff Drug Testing is Idaho’s first choice for drug-testing program administration and services. Unparalleled experience, expertise and customer service make us an easy choice for businesses large and small, private and public, local...

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DOT-Consortium TPA

Navigating the complexities of DOT regulations is difficult, complex and requires countless staff hours. Wienhoff Drug Testing is here to assist employers in the administration of their random testing programs to keep DOT compliance as seamless as possible. Our services include managing the random testing pool, specimen collections, policy consultation, driver history...

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Drug Testing

As Idaho’s premier service provider, Wienhoff Drug Testing offers drug testing panels ranging from the three most commonly abused drugs to panels that include all testable drugs of abuse, including the latest drug trends such as “bath salts” and synthetic “spice / k2” marijuana.


Our partnership drug testing laboratories are the industry’s best, each certified or accredited by our industry’s most prestigious regulatory bodies.

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Alcohol Testing

Bio-Med Testing/Wienhoff Drug Testing is proud to be an authorized dealer of Lifeloc Technologies evidential breath testing equipment and employ two Lifeloc Master Trainers.


We operate a renowned training program for breath alcohol technicians and are widely regarded as experts in the breath-testing field.


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Wienhoff Drug Testing offers multiple training programs for any company who has a drug-free workplace program, DOT or non-DOT, and industry trainings for companies who perform drug testing collection services.


ALERT On-Line Training, click here For information on our Health Services Trainings, CPR/First-Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens, etc, please click this link: Occupational Health Services.

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Welcome to Wienhoff Drug Testing!

Welcome to Wienhoff Drug Testing!“Wienhoff Drug Testing is a Drug and Alcohol Testing Company committed to the safety of the individuals while supporting the treatment needs...”

The goal of an effective employment drug and alcohol program is to rid the workplace of drugs and alcohol, not people.

Wienhoff Drug Testing is your single-source for DOT and non-DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Administration and Safety Health Services.


Consortium/Third-Party Administrator (C-TPA) for DOT-Regulated Testing: Navigating the complexities of DOT regulations is often difficult and intimidating to business owners and managers.

Wienhoff Drug Testing is here to assist employers in the administration of DOT random testing programs to keep compliance as seamless as possible. Our services include managing the random testing pool, specimen collections, policy consultation, driver history checks and supervisor training, to name a few.

Policy Support:  Whether managing a DOT-regulated or non-regulated testing program, our clients benefit from our expert advice on legally defensible drug and alcohol testing programs and referrals
within our network of industry experts.

Training and Education:  Wienhoff Drug Testing facilitates comprehensive training services including DOT Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion, DOT Designated Employer Representative and Employee Drug and Alcohol Awareness classes. Wienhoff Drug Testing also trains other providers in our industry in urine specimen and breath alcohol collections.

Safety and Health Services: Wienhoff Drug Testing Health Services Program offers an array of health services including CPR and First-Aid training, Bloodborne Pathogen training and exposure support, vaccination services, DOT physical exams, flu shots and many other services designed to assist employers in maintaining a safer workplace and OSHA compliance.

DNA Testing: Wienhoff Drug Testing offers full service DNA testing including notarized, courtadmissible relationship (paternity, sibling, etc) testing and non-admissible, non-notarized testing for private use.

Background and Driver History Checks: Wienhoff Drug Testing offers criminal history checks using a massive, nation-wide database and DOT required Driver History Checks, both at reasonable rates with very quick turn-around.